I’m a Masters Student from the University of Georgia (UGA) College of Crop and Soil Science (CRSS).  I am in a student exchange program called the Trans Atlantic Precision Agriculture Consortium (TAPAC).  I am conducting my research in Athens, Greece at the Agriculture University of Athens.  My research focuses on using open source hardware and software for low cost and practical management strategies.  I have one project using Arduino’s and a Raspberry Pi to create a wireless sensor network to measure the water use of grapevines.  My other project uses custom Python tools to create usable management zones that are spatially dependent.

I am crazy enough to bring an inflatable paddleboard on an international flight, so when the weather warms up and my electronics are doing the dirty work, I’ll be exploring the coastline!  If it’s too dark maybe I’ll be lightpainting at some ancient ruins.  I also play middle eastern percussion so just follow the beat of the drum and you’ll find me.

On this blog you’ll find details of my work, including links to any (semi) working code and examples.  You’ll also find some pictures of this beautiful country.


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